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Course Overview

Licensed by the Georgia Department of Driver Services, Barber’s Basic 30/6 Teen Driver Education Program satisfies Joshua’s Law. The basic course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of private, individual, behind-the-wheel training.

With an insurance savings of 10%-20% per year, most parents will save close to the full basic driver education program tuition the first couple years their teenager is added to their policy.

Barber’s is a national award-winning commercial driver training school. After 53 years of research and development and with proven techniques, Barber's has engineered the art of collision prevention. We take a holistic approach to driver training, which includes training in all seven dimensions: Legal Knowledge, Mental Skills, Physical Skills, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Financial Awareness, and Planning Skills.

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You may take the classroom portion at the age of 14, the behind-the-wheel portion at the age 15. No learner’s permit is required to start the class, regardless of the student’s age. You can take your Georgia Road Test once you have held your learner’s permit for one year and one day, or when you reach the age of 18, whichever comes first.

After the completion of the basic Teen Driver Education 30/6 Course, a Barber’s Driving School Tester can administer the student’s Georgia Road Test for their Class D or C Georgia Driver’s License when he or she is eligible. See Road Test Services for the details.

Step 1 Select the Package Right for You

In addition, Barber’s offers packages that exceed the basic Joshua’s Law requirements, allowing you to choose the package right for your situation. All packages have the required 30 hours of classroom and you can purchase up to 40 hours of behind-the-wheel time. For example, our Advanced Teen Driver Education Course 30/40 includes the basic 6 hours, 6 hours of night driving, an 8-hour Atlanta road trip and 20 hours of additional advanced training. Or you may choose a package somewhere in between such as 30/8, 30/10, 30/12.; check out all the packages available.

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Step 2 Select your Class Schedule

The 30 hours of classroom instruction is taught using a pre-determined schedule based on the curriculum. During the public school year, we have classes that meet on weekends only. Also, during public and private school breaks, we offer a condensed program that can be taken in one week. In the summer, classes are 4 days (9-5:30pm) and 5 days (9-4pm), each consisting of 30 hours. Please refer to our current schedules and select your class.

Classroom Schedules

We train 7 days a week behind-the-wheel, MON-SUN with appointment times from 8:00am until 8:00pm. All behind-the-wheel hours of private instructions are conducted in our vehicles. We operate only late-model, fully insured, dual-brake control Toyota Corollas.

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All driving times are by appointment in 2-3-4-6 or 8 hour sessions. We will pick the student up and drop him/her off anywhere in Muscogee County and Ft. Benning for each session which consists of a minimum of 2 hours. We also offer behind-the-wheel lessons without the classroom component; however, if you choose classroom only, the State of Georgia will not allow us to give you your Georgia Road Test for your Driver’s License.

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