Refund Policy

DUI Course / Defensive Driving Course

Barber’s DUI & Defensive Driving refund policy is subject to the terms and conditions under its license agreement with the Georgia Department of Driver Services and is specified in the written contract that all students must execute before any student may attend class. Payment in advance thru this website does not constitute an official contract between Barber’s DUI & Defensive Driving School and the student. The student is simply making payment in advance prior to signing the contract required by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. The student may request a refund anytime before signing the contract.

Driver Education / Driving Lessons

Barber’s Driving School, Inc. refund policy is as stated. If you pay for Driving lessons or a Driver’s Education Class and have not begun the program Barber’s will refund the full amount paid. If you have started the class you purchased then you are not entitled to a refund.

Behind-The-Wheel Class Rescheduling Or Cancellation Fees

All cancellations and rescheduling of Behind-the-Wheel classes scheduled for Monday through Friday must be cancelled or rescheduled by 5pm the day preceding the actual class scheduled time. All classes that are scheduled for Weekends, Saturday and or, Sunday must be cancelled before Friday at 12noon preceding the scheduled class or classes. All other cancellations and rescheduling will be subject to a $30.00 fee.

Cancellations will only be excepted by a written email addressed to, or by a telephone call to the school during the schools normal business hours and in accordance with the above times of notification.

Need help?

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