Barber’s Driving School offers a wide selection of driver training classes and educational
programs that are certified and approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.
(GA DDS Certified and GA DDS Approved)

Barber's offers classroom sessions that can be attended virtually via Zoom or in-
person for the following GA DDS Certified & Approved trainings and programs -

Driver's Education (Joshua's Law), DUI School/ Risk Reduction Program, and Defensive Driving School/
Driver Improvement Program.

To learn more about the programs and trainings offered by
Barber’s Driving School contact us at 706-561-2509, stop by the office today in Columbus or email:


Driver's Education
Teen or Adult
$125 - $2545
Defensive Driving
Driver Improvement Program
DUI School
Risk Reduction Program
Georgia Road Test
18+ with a permit
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Georgia DUI Risk Reduction Program
dui school

Barber’s DUI School & Risk Reduction Program is Georgia DDS Certified and Approved to provide the 20-hour Georgia DUI Risk Reduction class required for Georgia’s Driver’s License Reinstatement. You may take the DUI Class on Zoom or In-Person. Zoom is not considered, by GA DDS, to be an ” Online ” DUI School or Risk Reduction Program. These are LIVE remote learning DUI Classes on Zoom.

✅ In-Person or Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
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Georgia DDC Driver Improvement Program

Barber’s Driver Improvement Program is a 6-hour Georgia Defensive Driving Course, Georgia DDS Certified and Approved. Georgia COURT OR PROBATION reasons: ticket dismissals and traffic fine reduction Georgia DDS reasons: Georgia Point Count Reduction, Georgia Driver’s License Suspension and Reinstatement and/or possible Insurance Discounts. You may take the Georgia Driver Improvement Program on Zoom or In-Person. Zoom is not considered, by GA DDS, to be an ” Online ” Driver Improvement School or Defensive Driving Program. These are LIVE remote learning Georgia Defensive Driving Classes on Zoom.

✅ In-Person or Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
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Georgia Driver's Education
Teen Driver's Education

Georgia DDS Certified, Barber’s Basic 30/6 Teen Driver’s Education Program satisfies Joshua’s Law. The basic course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of private, individual, Behind The Wheel training. Learn more about this driver’s education program and how to schedule your teen’s training classes today. Remote learning and in-person classes are available for GA Driver’s Education Programs.

✅ In-Person or Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
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Georgia Road Test Services -- Know Your Options!
Road Test Services

Barber’s Driving School, Inc., is Georgia DDS Certified to administer the Georgia Road Test. Under 18, you must have completed one of our Driver Education Courses. Over 18, the only requirement is a valid learner’s permit. You must schedule by Thursday the week before you want to test. Schedule your road test today by stopping by the office or calling us at 706-561-2509.

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Driver Evaluations
Driver Evaluations

Drivers of all ages may consider using our program if they’re experiencing difficulties with their driving skills. In many cases, drivers are referred by judges, law enforcement, physicians, a family member, friend, or caregiver if they feel the driver needs to be evaluated due to a number of reasons. To learn more about driver evaluation programs please reach out to Barber’s Driving School directly and we can answer any questions you may have. ✅ CODE – Certified Older Driver E

CODE – Certified Older Driver Evaluations (65+)
CCDE – Certified Comprehensive Driver Evaluations

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Corporate Driver Training
Corporate Driver Training

Barber’s Corporate Driver Education program can help protect your brand, save on insurance cost, save on fleet repair cost, save on liability cost, save on fuel cost, save time, and, most importantly, save lives. This is the perfect time while your employees are at home to let them take our remote classroom via Zoom and lower the cost of your corporate insurance. Learn more about the driver training programs available to you and your business today.

✅ In-Person or Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
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All of the Barber's Driving School Programs are Georgia DDS Certified.
Our License Numbers are GA DDS Certified #0030, GA DDS #106, and GA DDS #707.


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Barber's Driving School offers Georgia DDS Certified and Approved Zoom and in-person classes for Driver's Education (Joshua's Law), DUI School / Risk Reduction Program and Defensive Driving / Driver Improvement.

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Georgia DDS Certified DUI School/ Georgia DDS Certified Risk Reduction Program,
Georgia DDS Certified Defensive Driving/ Georgia DDS Certified Driver Improvement Program, Georgia DDS Certified Driver's Education and Georgia DDS Certified Third Party Road Test.
(GA DDS Certified #0030, GA DDS# 707, GA DDS#106)