Emergency Rule 375-5-2-0.1-.10 entitled “Remote Classroom Instruction” is hereby adopted as attached hereto.

The effective date of this Rule will be March 13, 2020. This Emergency Rule will remain in effect through July 11, 2020, which is not longer that 120 days from the effective date.

Spencer R. Moore, Commissioner

Department of Driver Services

NEW LOCATION (We are holding REMOTE classes online via Zoom app! All driving lessons and road test on hold until 4/30)

We have MOVED to Trailside Shoppes @ 3709 Gentian Blvd. across from SKYZONE!


Georgia Teen Driver Education Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
Teen Driver Education

Even though this class is being taught online via Zoom, it is not considered an online course. Licensed by the Georgia Dept of Driver Services, Barber’s Basic 30/6 Teen Driver Education Program satisfies Joshua’s Law. The basic course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of private, individual, behind-the-wheel training.

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Georgia DDC Driver Improvement Program Online Remote Classroom via Zoom

Even though this class is being taught online via Zoom, it is not considered an online course. Barber’s Driver Improvement Program is a 6-hour Defensive Driving Course certified by the Georgia Department of Driver’s Services for ticket dismissals, points and traffic fine reduction, license suspension, reinstatement, and insurance discounts.

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Georgia DUI Risk Reduction Program Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
dui school

Even though this class is being taught online via Zoom, it is not considered an online course. Barber’s DUI, Alcohol or Drug Risk Reduction Program is licensed by the Georgia Department of Driver Services to provide assessments and the 20-hour risk reduction school, class programs required under Georgia law for the restoration of a driver’s license.

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Road Test Services (On hold until 4/30)
Road Test Services

Barber’s Driving School, Inc., is licensed by the Georgia Dept of Driver Services to administer the Georgia Road Test for its student graduates. To be eligible to take your Georgia Road Test at Barber’s, you must have completed one of our Driver Education Courses.

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Georgia Adult Driver Education Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
Adult Driver Education

At Barber’s Driving School, you do not need a Learner’s Permit or any experience to start. Each year, Barber’s teaches hundreds of adults of all ages to drive safely and helps them to earn their Georgia or Alabama Driver’s License.

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International Driver Education Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
International Driver Education

Since 1964, Barber’s Driving School has taught thousands of people from over 100 different countries to drive an automobile safely. We are a full-service driving school that will help you obtain your learner’s permit, teach you to drive a car, and much more.

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Custom Driver Training (On hold until 4/30)
Custom Driver Training

Barber’s Custom Driver Training allows you, the student, to build a Driver Training Program right for your circumstances. There is a minimum requirement of 2 hours for all Behind-the-Wheel classes.

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Certified Older Driver Evaluations (On hold until 4/30)
Certified Older Driver Evaluations

Older drivers who may consider using our program may be experiencing some difficulty with their driving skills, such as maintaining lane position, lane changing, turning, backing up, and limited mobility.

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Driver Rehabilitation
Driver Rehabilitation

Barber’s Driver Rehabilitation Program provides specialty services to two types of drivers: new drivers with a disability, and experienced drivers who require rehabilitation for personal transportation.

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Bioptic Lens Driver Training
Bioptic Lene Training

All of our training packages have the required 30 hours of classroom, and you can purchase up to 40 hours of behind-the-wheel time. A minimum package of 30/6 is required to be licensed using a bioptic lens.

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Learners Permit Services
Learners Permit Services

For more than 50 years, Barber’s Driving School has been helping students of all ages to pass their Georgia or Alabama written and oral tests in order to obtain their Learner’s Permits.

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Corporate Driver Training Online Remote Classroom via Zoom
Corporate Driver Training

Barber’s Corporate Driver Education program can help protect your brand, save on insurance cost, save on fleet repair cost, save on liability cost, save on fuel cost, save time, and, most importantly, save lives. This is the perfect time while your employees are at home to let them take our remote classroom via Zoom and lower the cost of your corporate insurance.

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All of the Barber's Driving School Programs are State Certified through Georgia's Department of Driver Services.
Our License Numbers are GA DDS #0030, GA DDS #106, and GA DDS #707.


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