Learner’s Permit Services

Course Overview

For more than 50 years, Barber’s Driving School has been helping students pass their Georgia or Alabama written and oral tests to obtain their Learner’s Permits. Barber’s has developed a proven technique of key word recognition, as well as visual and repetitive training to assist students who have trouble reading and comprehending the English language because of learning disabilities or illiteracy.

Barber’s offers private one-on-one tutoring in a three-hour session to help students pass their Georgia or Alabama written or oral tests for their Learner’s permits. All private tutoring is conducted at our facility by appointment only.  The student is required to take the test the same day he or she completes the tutoring session. Generally, appointments are set from 9 am-12 noon Tuesday-Friday for tutoring, and then the student goes straight to the Georgia DDS Service Center or Alabama DMV and takes the test.

Barber’s has a 100% student passing rate!

Schedule Your Tutoring Session

We tutor 4 days week Tuesday-Friday from 9 am till 12 noon. All tutoring sessions are by appointment only.

Call 706-561-2509 for available dates and times.