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Barber’s Driver Rehabilitation Program provides specialty services to two types of drivers: new drivers who need an individualized driver’s training program due to a disability, and experienced drivers who require training and vehicle modification recommendations for personal transportation.
We evaluate each individual’s needs and provide a plan for training, when appropriate. Our goal is to restore our customers’ independence by enabling them to drive safely and with confidence.


Barber’s Driver Rehabilitation Program carefully evaluates individuals to determine their specific needs, makes recommendations, and provides driver training in modified vehicles if required. If necessary, the professionals at Barber’s can provide assistance in obtaining vehicles and adaptive equipment.

Code 40-5-59 Reexamination of drivers believed to be incompetent or unqualified

Certified Comprehensive Driver Evaluations

The Process

Evaluations are both Clinical and Functional 

Step 1 - Have your physician or your vocational rehab counselor make the referral or just call or come by Barber’s Driving School. No referral necessary to start the process.

Step 2 - Complete the Historical Questionnaires about your health, online in the comfort of your home, via the internet, through our software program Sparrow.

Step 3 - Complete a Clinical Evaluation where we will check your Vision, Range of Motion, Motor Strength, Reaction Time, review your Prescription Medications for any concerns, and several Cognitive tests like CDT, MoCA, Trail Making Part A and B and others.

Step 4 - Take 1-hour driver evaluation will determine if the individual is able to be trained or retrained to drive an automobile safely. If the client needs special equipment or vehicle modification, Barber’s will provide information regarding what is available and how much it may cost. A comprehensive driver evaluation includes the following:

  • Behind-the-wheel experience with a driving instructor
  • Vehicle Modification Consultation
New Drivers Needing an Evaluation

New drivers who may consider using Barber’s may have a disability or limited mobility that prevents them from enrolling in other driver’s education courses. Barber’s provides evaluations as well as modified vehicles and the training needed to learn to operate them.

Experienced Drivers Needing an Evaluation

Experienced drivers who require an evaluation of visual, perceptual, and cognitive skills related to driving may consider using Barber’s. This evaluation is most commonly provided for individuals who have had a head injury or stroke. These disabilities can cause changes in visual, perceptual, and cognitive skills. A professional assessment of driving skills is often recommended before the individual returns to driving. In some cases, training may be required to provide the driver with an opportunity to learn to compensate for changes caused by the injury or stroke.

Drivers Needing Vehicle Modification Training

Barber’s state certified instructors can retrain the experienced driver to drive using hand controls and other modified vehicle controls, which may be required due to an accident, illness, or birth defect.

Vehicle Modification Assistance

For customers who are purchasing a modified vehicle with adaptive equipment, Barber’s will provide consultation, assistance, and training, as needed.

Step 1 Purchase Evaluation

We accept Cash, Checks and Debit Cards and All Major Credit Cards.

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Step 2 Schedule Your Evaluation

We administer evaluations 7 days a week from 9 am till 4 pm. All evaluations are given by appointment only. Call 706-561-2509 for available dates and times.

Step 3 Select Your Training Package

Two Options to Attended Barber’s Rehabilitation Driver Education Program

First Option: You can sign up for a combination classroom and behind-the-wheel course.

Driver Rehabilitation Combination Packages

Second Option: You can sign up for behind-the-wheel-only classes. George residents who are new drivers and select the behind-the-wheel-only package will test at the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Likewise, if you are an Alabama Resident, you will test at the Alabama DMV.

Behind-the-Wheel Only Packages

Barber’s behind-the-wheel-only packages start with a minimum of 6 hours and go up in 2-hour increments:  the more hours you purchase, the better the price.

All driving times are by appointment in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, or 8-hour sessions. We will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in Muscogee County, parts of Harris County and Chattahoochee County, Georgia. We also offer free pick-up and drop-off service in Russell and parts of Lee County, Alabama.

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Step 4 Select Your Training Schedule

The 30 hours of classroom instruction are taught using a pre-determined schedule based on the curriculum. We have classes that meet on weekends only. Also, during holidays, we offer a condensed program that can be taken in one week. In the summer, classes are 4 days (9-5:30 pm) and 5 days (9-4 pm), each consisting of 30 hours. Please refer to our current schedules and select your class.

Classroom Schedules

We train 7 days a week behind-the-wheel, with appointment times from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. All behind-the-wheel hours of private instructions are conducted in our vehicles. We operate only late-model, fully insured, dual-brake control Toyota Corollas.

Step 5 Register Now

We Accept Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, and All Major Credit Cards.

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