2024 Summer Class Brookstone Only Driver’s Ed

(BROOKSTONE ONLY) June 3-6 from 9am-4:30pm @ Brookstone's Cheves Building

You may take the classroom portion at the age of 14, the behind the wheel portion at the age 15. No learner’s permit is required to start the class, regardless of the student’s age.

Barber’s 30/6 Teen Driver Education Program satisfies Joshua’s Law. The basic course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of private (BTW) Behind The Wheel lessons. You may purchase more than the 6 hours of BTW.  After the completion of the basic Teen Driver Education 30/6 Course, a Barber’s Driving School Tester can administer the student’s Georgia Road Test for their Class D or C Georgia Driver’s License when he or she is eligible.

The classroom is 30 hours long and held over a 4 day period (June 3-6) from 9am-4:30pm with a working lunch break from 12:00-12:30.  The student can pack a lunch or you can bring your child lunch at 12. The classroom may be completed in-person only.

All (BTW) Behind The Wheel lessons are scheduled by you, through DriveScout, in 3 hour sessions.   You will receive a “Welcome to DriveScout” email.  It will contain your username and password to log in.  Please schedule these lessons ASAP as we stay booked up.  You can schedule now for future lessons.  Do not wait until you are ready, because the present times will not be available.  Barber’s will pick up the student and drop off anywhere in Muscogee County and Ft. Benning for the BTW lessons.

After you schedule the driving lessons, call Barber’s to schedule the Road Test.  This can be scheduled in advance but must be set up for when the student has held their permit for 1 year and 1 day.  On test day, you will bring the student to Barber’s and we will test them in our car, on our course and with our instructor.  You will still need to take the paperwork to the Georgia DDS to have the license issued.  You will need ask Barber's for your ADAP and get your ATTENDANCE form or report card from your Brookstone.  Request these forms two weeks before you plan on taking your road test.

With an insurance savings of 10%-20% per year, most parents will save close to the full basic

driver education program tuition the first couple of years their teenager is added to their policy.


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