DRIVER'S EDUCATION             December 4-14, 2023

Classes Held at William and Reed during school hours.

You may take the classroom portion of Driver's Education at the age of 14 1/2,

and the behind the wheel portion of Driver's Education at the age 15.

No learner’s permit is required to start the class, regardless of the student’s age.


Barber’s 30/6 Teen Driver Education Program satisfies Joshua’s Law.

The basic Driver's Education course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of private (BTW) Behind The Wheel lessons.

Classroom Sessions will be held at William and Reed, from December 4-14, during normal school hours.

All (BTW) Behind The Wheel lessons will be administered in 2- or 3-hour private sessions using Barber's cars.

We are not able at this time to offer the Road Test Service in John's Creek.


You should Schedule BTW NOW for present or future lessons.

  • You must schedule the appointment with Lexi Prince or Buster Barber at 706-561-2509, once you have paid.
  • We will be available for BTW lessons Mon-Thurs after school and Friday mornings.
  • Barber’s will pick up the student and drop off at William and Reed for BTW lessons.
  • You may purchase more than the 6 hours of BTW.

When Registering on FORM BELOW

Driver Education and Behind The Wheel Only Packages (Required)

  • If you want the 30 hr class and 6 hours BTW  (CHOOSE on FORM BELOW  30hr Class + 6hrs BTW - $450.00)
  • If you want the 30 hr classroom only   (CHOOSE on FORM BELOW 


  • If you want more than 6 hrs of BTW with the 30 hrs of class, choose the option that does not have + RT next to it.



  • William and Reed ONLY Dec 4-14 @ W&R


  • In-Person


Once you sign up and pay below.... please email Lindsey Kelly,

with the Student Name, so she can schedule this as your elective.