Mary Howard

Thank you to Barber’s Driving School for all your work with my daughter’s driving skills. Y’all were easy to schedule and Mary learned a great deal during the on the road training.

Kristen Buley

My son was already a better, more focused driver after just the in-class portion. Would definitely recommend.

Jessica P

I had no experience at all when it came to driving before I took their behind the wheel class.Eric showed me how to drive and i couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.He is awesome,He gave me a lot of confidence and he explained everything very well.Ask for Eric if you take the behind the wheel class??????!!!!Barbers driving school will definitely help you to get your lisence with confidence ?!!!!

Bryce and Becky Gaunt

Fantastic experience for driver’s ed and defensive driving. Classes were very useful for my son, the behind the wheel sessions were tailored too meet his needs. Very nice cars, serviced us in Alabama at no extra charge. Prompt, helpful, courteous service. Behind the wheel scheduling was flexible and customized to our availability. This course also saves us several hundred dollars a year on our insurance!

Mike Bostick

My wife enjoyed the class, and learned quite a bit there that I was not current on the newer laws enough to teach her. I learned more than I expected , just helping her with homework! Thanks, I feel our time and money was well spent.

Andrea Eagle

My son learned a lot from the classes. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. He feels very prepared to not only pass his drivers test, but to venture out into the world of driving with a lot less anxiety.

Tiffany Hairston-Lott

Thank you for calming my nerves!! This has been the best experience for Noah. I would not have done it any other way, and I recommend Barber’s Driving School to anyone who’s undecided.

Jakyia Cunningham

I loved Barbers Driving School. Mr.Newman, Donnie and Mr.Barber are the best. Donnie really helped me with my driving and prepared me for the test. I recommend EVERY new driver to come here. Barber’s is the best.

Lisa Anthony

My daughter had Eric Williamson as her driving instructor, as did my son 3 years ago. This school is an absolute necessity for new drivers and they also offer defensive driving courses for experienced drivers. They are professional and thorough, and take their job to instruct young drivers very seriously. I couldn’t imagine entrusting my children to any other driving program.

Amber Diehl

Barber’s was great. I had Keith as my driving instructor and he was kind and very helpful. The student driving helped me tremendously and I am now a better and more confident driver because of it.