CJ Pate

My instructor Eric taught me absolutely everything I needed to know for my test and more. Plus, the staff is very friendly as well.

Jenish Shah

Awsome experience! Best and patient Instructor… Totally a worth investment !

Josh Pishko

The people at Barbers really know what they are talking about. They have great knowledge of driving, and the safety rules, and regulations of the road. I would definitely recommend this driving school to people.

Katie Walker

Really felt comfortable through out the whole experience , MR eric was so cool while doing on the road practices & a big help for me to prepare me for my test . Thanks to all staff

Alexander L’Oste-Brown

I had a great experience with the Barbers driving course, Mr. Eric taught me everything in needed to know using the parking lot, and various roads. I learned the whole driving test, and practiced it several times over. We met at times that were the most convienient for both of us, and he picks you up from wherever as long as it isn’t to far away. He does a great job keeping you on the right track speed and direction wise. He helped me improve the areas that I was weak on. I also learned how to maintain speed, stay centered, secondary stop, parallel park, t corner park, back up straight, get within six inches of cones and cars, properly make a left turn and right turn, and weave through cones. He and Mr. Keith both have a great since of humor, and offer you gum to help you remember what was taught, and as a gesture of kindness. The instructors have a brake on their side, and ensure that you will not hit anything, and they can expertly drive from the passengers side if need be. Overall my experience was very great, helpful, and it taught me a lot.
Thanks for being my instructor Mr. Eric, and Mr Keith speak up (inside joke).

Lateasha Carter

My son enjoyed learning how to drive with Keith and can’t wait to take his driving test

Hailey Hutto

In the past 2 years both of my kids have taken both the required Joshua’s law class as well as 6 hours behind the wheel instruction. I highly recommend Barber’s Driving School! It not only built my children’s confidence but, mine as well! Very professional environment and will tell everyone that I know about your program!!!

Tricia Ashe

Mr. Barber went out of his way to make sure my son got his driving hours in before we moved to NC. They are extremely helpful, friendly and professional. And your child will learn everything they need to know to be a good driver.

Alivia Danae

He was really nice and explained a lot of the things I need to do and pay attention to on the road very clearly.


I am so grateful to Barber’s driving school for giving my son the confidence he needed behind the wheel. When we first discussed him going there he really did not want to go because his friends told him it was boring, but I explained to him that he needed to experience things for himself, well needless to say he’s so happy that he did, thank you Buster Barber,may God continue to richly bless you!!!!