Briana Holmes

I took my first Barber’s education course and behind the wheel training when I was 16. Later, I strayed for additional behind the wheel hours at the Columbus Tech driving school simply because it was cheaper. This was my first mistake. After spending 2 hours with Mr. Barber, I mastered two difficult driving techniques (parallel parking and right side backing) and passed my driving test! Driving is a critical skill that must be mastered. So many people do not learn to drive correctly and as a result, accidents occur. I’m so glad I came back to Barber’s!!! If you’re looking for a quality driving school, please do not hesitate to sign up!

Skylar Carter

The people at Barbers helped me a lot with driving. They knew exactly what they were talking about and were really hands-on with each and every student they taught. They got to know us well and helped us know the rules of the road. Every question I had they were able to answer it with no hesitation, btw Keith is the best instructor!!

Brooke Campbell

I had a wonderful time in the classroom and on the roads! Very informative! Thank you Scott Newman and Donnie!

Antron Terry

My girlfriend went and her driving instructor was Keith she bragged on him a lot. I tried to teach her how to drive but she felt comfortable going to Barber’s. Thanks Barbers Driving School she is more comfortable about driving and her anxiety isn’t interfering with it. I will definitely recommend u guys to someone else. Again Thanks.

Matthew Chapman

I am a 16 boy and I took the Joshua’s law classroom along with the 6 hours behind the wheel training. These people taught me a lot and prepared me for what I will experience on the road in the future. Also the behind the wheel lowered my insurance which is a big plus considering high school boy insurance rates!😷

Darin Nunn

Three children and my daughter in law have all gone through terrific driver’s training with the Barber’s Team. Donnie was extremely professional with my youngest and had trained 2 of my other teen drivers. I feel confident they have a good basic understanding of the rules of the road, safe driving techniques and appreciate the seriousness of their new responsibility, due in large part to Donnie and the rest of the Barber’s Team.

Deblina Ghosh

I practiced btw with Keith it was realy good experience.

Shankara Narayanappa

One of the best driving school in the Alabama area, they are good at teaching for the first time drivers to senior drivers and they have many programs, they helped me to take written test to practice drive test and scheduling with DPS Alabama for the final drive test. Buster Barber and trainer Gary are friendly, they help many international candidates to get their driver’s license. Great service!!