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CODE-Certified Older Driver Evaluations


Driving is not just about getting from one place to another; often, it is about how we conduct our lives. Losing the ability to drive or choosing to limit where we drive can mean losing more than just transportation. It can mean losing our independence.

Barber’s Driving School’s friendly instructors are trained to build your confidence and assist you in retaining your driver’s license and your independence. You can feel relaxed because you will be in trusted hands from the minute you arrive.

Barber’s Driving School understands the need for older drivers who are capable of driving safely to continue to do so as long as they do not cause harm to themselves or others. Approximately 80% of seniors taking our evaluation are able to continue driving years after everyone else, family, friends, and others have said they need to surrender their keys.\

Who needs a Certified Older Driver Evaluation?

Older drivers may consider using our program for one or several of the following reasons.

  • If you have had a medical condition that could affect your driving abilities
  • Change in your Vision
  • Concerns about Medications you are taking and their effect on driver safety
  • Recently moved into a new city
  • You most recently have become the primary driver
  • Family, Friends, Doctors, Police or others have told you that you shouldn’t be driving
  • If there has been a long period since you last drove
  • If you have been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • If you are noticing mental and physical changes because of your age
  • To gain or re-gain your confidence

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The Process

Step 1 Have your physician make the referral or just call or come by Barber’s Driving School. No referral necessary to start the process.

Step 2 Complete the Historical Questionaries’ about your health, online in the comfort of your home. Many persons have their older children, friend or Caregiver help with this process. If you have no one who can help complete the questionnaire no worries we can assist you with this process

Step 3 Complete a Clinical Evaluation where we will check your Vision, Range of Motion, Motor Strength,  Reaction Time, Review your Prescription Medications for any concerns, and several Cognitive test like, CDT, MoCA, Trail Making Part A and B and others.

Step 4 Complete a Behind the Wheel Evaluation of your actual driving skills.

Step 5 Final Certified Older Driver Evaluation Report (CODE) 

Barber’s will provide a comprehensive evaluation including the questionnaire, clinical, Medications of Concern, and the Behind the wheel results. We can provide a refresher course to further sharpen the driver’s skills or vehicle modifications as necessary. Information may also be provided regarding driving retirement and alternative modes of transportation, if appropriate.

Older drivers generally will drive many years longer and the adult children can have peace of mind that a trained evaluator has given a professional evaluation.

Doctors can rely on the evaluation when counseling with patients who have reached an advanced age or with a patient who is recovering from a physical injury or surgery. Our evaluation is comprehensive and addresses all seven of the critical areas in which drivers could be experiencing difficulties, Historical, Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Social and Future.

Older Driver Refresher Courses


Older drivers may wish to take a 2 hour refresher course prior to any evaluation. Others may desire to take a refresher course, if they have not driven in a while or just moved into a new area unfamiliar to them.

Who will see the written results of the Evaluation?

If I don’t pass my evaluation will I lose my Driver’s license?

Who administers the Evaluation?

Whose vehicle will be used for the Evaluation?

How often do I need to take the Evaluation?

When will the Evaluation be conducted?

Where will the Evaluation be given?

How much does the Evaluation Cost?

Older Driver Training Courses


Older drivers may wish to take a 2 hour refresher course prior to any evaluation. Others may desire to take a refresher course, if they have not driven in a while or just moved into a new area unfamiliar to them.

Older Driver Refresher Course

Drivers may also desire to take a classroom Defensive Driving Course to become updated on new traffic laws as well as defensive driving techniques.

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