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Employers Are Getting Smarter and Saving Time, Lives, and Money

Barber’s Driving School is a national award-winning driver training school. After 51 years of research and development and with proven techniques, Barber's has engineered the art of collision prevention.

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Barber’s Training covers all the different driving environments Urban and Rural Residential Districts (Single and Multi-Family Housing), Urban and Rural Old and New Business Districts (Down Town and Outlying Business and shopping Districts), and all the Rural and Urban connecting Roadways, Highways, Expressways, and Interstate Highways. We take a holistic approach to driver training, which includes training in all seven dimensions: Legal Knowledge, Mental Skills, Physical Skills, Communication Skills, Social Skills, Financial Awareness, and Planning Skills.

Barber’s Corporate Driver Education can be taking in a combination classroom and Behind-the-Wheel package, or classroom or Behind-the-Wheel only. The most effective training program is the combination Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel package. The combination packages gives Barber’s instructor an opportunity to introduce concepts and techniques into the employee’s everyday driving routine taught in the classroom. The program can be custom designed to meet your objectives and time frame. Barber’s offers a 6 hour Classroom program designed to help you, the employer, and your employees become safer drivers. The classroom can be taught on location or at our school facility. The Behind-the-Wheel training is completed in Barber’s vehicles or your company vehicle.

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We offer Driver Evaluations, Defensive Driving Courses in the Classroom or Combination courses.

Corporate Driver Education programs can . . .

Save Your Image

  • Protect your brand image from poor driver behavior and habits.

Save on Insurance Cost

  • Reduce the cost of your fleet insurance premium—most insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance premiums by attending Defensive Driving Courses and other Corporate Driver Education Programs.
  • Stop unnecessary increases in your fleet insurance premiums—why pay more?  Keep your claims down and pay less.
  • Decrease workers’ compensation claims from poor driving behaviors.

Save on Fleet Repair Cost

  • Reduce motor vehicle abuse and misuse.
  • Replacing and repairing insurance deductible expenses.

Save on Liability Cost

  • Control liability costs associated with work-related vehicle crashes.

Save on Fuel Cost

  • Defensive driving techniques have been proven to reduce overall fuel use by 10-15%.

Save Time

  • Improve productivity by keeping employees safe, on and off the job.
  • Reduce or eliminate lengthy court battles and litigation.

Save Lives

  • No one does it better than Barber’s Driving School! Since 1964, Barber’s has been offering lifesaving driver education courses.

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