Bioptic Lens Training

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Drivers Required to Wear Bioptic Lens
A person whose visual acuity is less than 20/60 but better than 20/200 using spectacles, contact lenses, or the carrier portion of bioptic spectacles shall be considered eligible for a driver's license if the person is not otherwise disqualified from having a driver's license. Any person required to wear a bioptic lens must complete a driver’s education program and then test at the license bureau. Code Section 40-5-27

Step 1 Select the Training Package Right for You

All packages have the required 30 hours of classroom, and you can purchase up to 40 hours of behind-the-wheel time. A minimum package of 30/6 is required to be licensed using a bioptic lens. You may decide you want more behind-the-wheel training using your bioptic lens at night and in heavy traffic. For example, our Advanced Bioptic Driver Education Course 30/40 includes the basic 6 hours, 6 hours of night driving, an 8-hour Atlanta road trip, and 20 hours of additional advanced training. Or you may choose a package somewhere in between, such as 30/8, 30/10, 30/12. Check out all the packages available.

Step 2 Select your Classroom Schedule

The 30 hours of classroom instruction is taught using a pre-determined schedule based on the curriculum. During the public school year, we have classes that meet on weekends only. Also, during public and private school breaks, we offer a condensed program that can be taken in one week. In the summer, classes are 4 days (9-5:30 pm) and 5 days (9-4 pm), each consisting of 30 hours. Please refer to our current schedules and select your class.

Classroom Schedules 

We train 7 days a week behind-the-wheel, with appointment times from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. All behind-the-wheel hours of private instructions are conducted in our vehicles. We operate only late-model, fully insured, dual-brake control Toyota Corollas.

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All driving times are by appointment in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, or 8-hour sessions. We will pick the student up and drop him/her off anywhere in Muscogee County for each session, which consists of a minimum of 2 hours.

Call 706-561-2509 for BTW scheduling.

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